Hi Friends, it's cold out!! I don't know about you, but I know that it's been very cold and extremely rainy where I live, which leads me to a topic of discussion. Some of our humans are under the assumption that we can withstand the cold because we are animals, FALSE!! Let me let you in on a little secret, if you didn't already know this... we get cold too. A good rule of thumb is this... if our humans are cold then most of the time we are cold too. Now, with that being said, there are certain breeds of my four legged friends who can withstand the cold much better than myself, but they are my husky friends who live in frigid temps and are 'built' to withstand the cold. Those of us who live outside of the arctic region are not built for freezing temps. If my four legged friends MUST stay outside, then please take precautions to keep us as warm as possible. Ensure that we have walls around us, out of direct wind flow, with lots of blankets or hay that we can snuggle into to escape the cold. Also, if it's at all possible it would be nice if there is a heat source, even a light bulb in/close to our enclosure would help. Cardboard and newspaper on a bare floor do not aid in keeping us warm. Please consider taking my friends inside on cold evenings and days, even a laundry room or garage is better than nothing. We get cold and have feelings too so, if you love us as you say you do, then please treat us like your family and protect us. You are all that we have got! My wishes to everyone is that you stay warm and dry. Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

HAPPY 2019

HAPPY 2019 EVERYONE It's been a while since my mom has visited with you but she has assured me that it's going to change (she's been reaaaaally busy) starting today... and here we are!! I hope you had a great ending to 2018 and look forward to 2019 as much as I. It's a new year which means it's a good time to make new commitments with new perspectives and goals. A great commitment to start off the new year would be to set aside some time every single day to take us outside for a walk, we NEED exercise. With exercise comes not only the benefit of walking or running to lose weight or work off pent-up energy, but also a mental healthiness. Think about it, we're indoors ALL. DAY. LONG... booooring!! We sleep... and sleep... and sleep which is a perfect setup for depression if we don't get outside to stimulate our minds. We love seeing people, smelling smells, peeing in the great outdoors, and we also love being with our humans. All of those things give our little minds something else to think about and look forward to. We need physical and mental health just as our humans do - we're all animals at the core, after all. Until next time, my friends. I wish you mental health, physical health, happiness and lots of love from your humans. Your friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

Points to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

Hi Friends, Our new friend, Aurora James, has sent us a fun article about Dog Etiquette, adopoting your furbaby and things to consider before making the adoption commitment. Check out her website at for lots of cool info and especially before planning your next trip cross country with your furbaby.  They list lots of pet friendly places to stay, eat, coffee shops and even beaches!!!     Being the Best Dog Owner You Can Be   If you’ve been dreaming of tail wags, happy greetings, and a best friend that will love you for their entire life, it may be time for you to adopt a dog. Dogs make wonderful pets because they are sweet, smart, and loyal. Owning a dog has tons of benefits, but it also calls for plenty of responsibility. Not only do you need to look after their health and happiness, but there are a lot of rules of etiquette one should follow when looking after a pup of their own.   Rules for Responsible Dog Ownership & Etiquette If you have been considering adopting a dog, chances are you have thought about the resources you need to do so responsibly: time, space, and money. If you have enough of these resources to care for a dog, he will behave better in the house and in public. Remember: a happy dog is a good dog.   Training No matter which kind of dog you decide to adopt, enrolling him in training is a great way to get a good start as a pet owner. An experienced trainer can help teach you about useful signals and positive reinforcement techniques that will make dog ownership easier and more enjoyable. If you adopt a dog through a shelter, ask them about any complimentary training services they may offer.   Introducing Your Dog One of the things a trainer will teach you is how to safely introduce your dog to other people when visiting your home. Each dog reacts their own way to strangers. Some are nervous and shy. Others are excited and friendly. Sometimes dogs are fearful and greet new people with barks or even growls. When introducing your pup to someone, it’s important to be in control of the situation. Use calming commands to let your dog know you are the one in charge.   From there, you can teach your guests how to greet your dog. A good rule of thumb is to give them a treat to introduce themselves to the pup. This is a type of positive reinforcement that communicates to your dog that the guest is a friend and should be trusted. If your dog is excited and jumps on guests, tell the guests how to discourage the behavior with gentle correction.   Scoop the Poop Beyond training, you are also responsible for your dog’s impact on your neighborhood. Always carry plastic bags with you when your dog is outside and pick up his poop-- even if it is in your own yard. Dog feces carries harmful parasites and microorganisms that can infect both humans and animals. Furthermore, in most areas, it is illegal to not pick up after your dog.   Outdoor Play To keep your dog safe and your neighbors happy, always monitor your dog’s outdoor playtime and install a good fence that keeps them within boundaries. If your home does not already have a fence, you are going to have to fit that expense into your budget. If your neighborhood has regulations on fences, or you’d prefer something more aesthetically pleasing, consider an electric fence. The average price to install an electric fence runs from $963 to $1,436.   If you take your dog to a park or other public facilities, never let your dog off leash unless you are in a designated area. No matter how well behaved your dog is generally, it only takes a small stimuli to distract him, which can lead to him darting away from you toward danger. Furthermore, public parks are for everybody, and not everybody wants to be responsible for looking out for your dog. Keep him on a leash unless you are in an off-leash area.   ***   Dogs make sweet and loyal pets, but they come with a lot of responsibility. Before adopting, make sure you have the time, space, and money available to care for a dog. Furthermore, make sure you and your dog are good neighbors by always picking up after your pooch and keeping him in your yard with a sturdy fence. Aurora James … [Read more...]