Hi Friends, it's cold out!! I don't know about you, but I know that it's been very cold and extremely rainy where I live, which leads me to a topic of discussion. Some of our humans are under the assumption that we can withstand the cold because we are animals, FALSE!! Let me let you in on a little secret, if you didn't already know this... we get cold too. A good rule of thumb is this... if our humans are cold then most of the time we are cold too. Now, with that being said, there are certain breeds of my four legged friends who can withstand the cold much better than myself, but they are my husky friends who live in frigid temps and are 'built' to withstand the cold. Those of us who live outside of the arctic region are not built for freezing temps. If my four legged friends MUST stay outside, then please take precautions to keep us as warm as possible. Ensure that we have walls around us, out of direct wind flow, with lots of blankets or hay that we can snuggle into to escape the cold. Also, if it's at all possible it would be nice if there is a heat source, even a light bulb in/close to our enclosure would help. Cardboard and newspaper on a bare floor do not aid in keeping us warm. Please consider taking my friends inside on cold evenings and days, even a laundry room or garage is better than nothing. We get cold and have feelings too so, if you love us as you say you do, then please treat us like your family and protect us. You are all that we have got! My wishes to everyone is that you stay warm and dry. Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]