HAPPY 2019

HAPPY 2019 EVERYONE It's been a while since my mom has visited with you but she has assured me that it's going to change (she's been reaaaaally busy) starting today... and here we are!! I hope you had a great ending to 2018 and look forward to 2019 as much as I. It's a new year which means it's a good time to make new commitments with new perspectives and goals. A great commitment to start off the new year would be to set aside some time every single day to take us outside for a walk, we NEED exercise. With exercise comes not only the benefit of walking or running to lose weight or work off pent-up energy, but also a mental healthiness. Think about it, we're indoors ALL. DAY. LONG... booooring!! We sleep... and sleep... and sleep which is a perfect setup for depression if we don't get outside to stimulate our minds. We love seeing people, smelling smells, peeing in the great outdoors, and we also love being with our humans. All of those things give our little minds something else to think about and look forward to. We need physical and mental health just as our humans do - we're all animals at the core, after all. Until next time, my friends. I wish you mental health, physical health, happiness and lots of love from your humans. Your friend, Daisy … [Read more...]