Ball games

Hi Friends, It's that time of year again... ball season!!  I love ball games because I get to take my mom and she loves going almost as much as I.  The cheering, the hot dogs, the fresh air and sunshine... love them all.  Mostly though, I love all of the attention that I get from the little people.  I love all people and enjoy saying hi to everyone so it's not uncommon for me to nuzzle up to anyone who wants to love on me. Unfortunately, sometimes little people get a carried away and get a little rough, not trying to hurt me but trying to outdo their buddies who are showering me with attention too.  Don't get me wrong I love it all, but keep in mind that too many hands trying to pet and pick me up can be overwhelming at times. I have to tell you, it's a good thing I don't bite but there are furry friends of mine who do, so it's important to ask our owners if it's okay to pet or try to pick us up.  It's better to ask than to find out the hard way!! So don't hesitate to come over to talk to us, we like the attention.  Please, just ask first just in case some my fellow four legged friends might be having a bad day.  Now, PLAY BALL!! Your friend, Daisy … [Read more...]