Happy September, Fall is on the way!!

Hi Friends,

Happy September to ALL, here comes Fall!!  Although the seasons are beginning to change, don’t be under the illusion that temps for the four-legged are cool enough to keep us in the car unattended.  Even though the outside temps are a wee bit cooler, the inside temps are just as warm and heat up very quickly in an enclosed space.

Also, please be aware … yes, we like to be outside and get some exercise but the asphalt temperatures are still blazing hot for us.  We are covered in fur, closer to the ground and exercising… sometimes not a good combination.  If taking us for walks or runs, consider taking us to a grassy area or a shaded area where the sun has not heated the walking trails for a while.  It takes a while for concrete to cool down after baking in the sun for hours. Oh, and don’t forget that we need LOTS of water when exercising, much more than our humans .

Happy Friday, Happy September and Happy Upcoming Weekend,

Your Friend,