Memorial Day

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day and weekend.  It’s officially the start of summer so naturally, here comes the hot mess of weather.  Remember, even though temps outside may not be sweltering, the temps inside of a car speak otherwise.  Temps inside a car can increase 30+ degrees within 30 minutes and higher temps within an hour.  An example being, a day of 70 degree temps outside equal 104 degree temps inside a car within 30 minutes!!  That’s half and hour with a 30 degree increase, DANGEROUS for us pups.

Please be aware that even the best of intentions on our humans part, leaving us in the car for ‘just a minute’ can result in overheating and death for us furry one’s.  Remember, we are wearing fur coats which coupled with high temps equals death in most cases.  Take a minute to roll down car windows IF we must be left inside the car at all, and only for a few minutes because a car traps heat inside even if the windows are rolled down.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Your Friend,