Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro

Hi Friends, Here is a note we received from our friend, Jazz, about a dining experience.  Sounds like a good place to stop in for a pet friendly experience!   City/State:Little Rock, AR Breed of Pet:Pomeranian (Jazz) Name of establishment:Dizzy's Type of establishment:Restaurant Did you dine inside or outside:Outside Was there an option:No Did the staff acknowledge you my furry friend:Yes Did they interact with/pet you:Yes - very friendly Did they automatically bring water to your table:no, but when asked they brought immediately Was the area spacious enough for you to move around:Kind of a tight squeeze but not bad Was it crowded:all tables were full but it's a nice patio Was it loud:yes but it didn't bother my dog Was their adequate shade:yes - shaded on the patio Was it close to a busy street:yes What did/didn't you like about your( pet friends) experience:The staff was nice and paid attention to me. The owner came out and sat at our table to pet me and she was nice. IS IT BUCKET LIST WORTHY:yes … [Read more...]

Pesky Fleas

Hi Friends, Well, it's flea and tick season yet again and they are out in full force, trust me!!  My mom has found that buying over the counter at a retail store is just not as effective as buying from a veterinarians office.  Since these meds are controlled, they are stronger when administered from a professional vs buying retail.  Did you know that fleas can transmit tapeworms?  That's why it's important to talk to your humans about contacting your vet's office or buying online from a reputable source when looking into flea and tick remedies. Have a great day!! Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]