Sharon’s Cross Country Journey

Hi Friends, Our new friend Sharon is making a cross country trek soon and wanted some info to help her and her two fur babies on her journey.  Please see her question and my response below and let me know if you have any advice to extend to her to make her trip a bit less stressful.  Good luck on your journey Sharon! I'm making a road trip with my cat and dog in my trailblazer in a couple of weeks. I'm traveling from San Antonio, TX to Orcas Island WA. I will stay with my daughter on Orcas for a couple of months and then from there I am joining my husband in Okinawa, Japan. So there's two parts to this. First, I'm trying to find a good link to plan my road trip, which includes pet friendly hotels (on a not so friendly budget) and any ideas recommendations how to make this as easy on the pets and me as I can. The second part is how to make it easy on the pets for the flight. There's only so much I can do for them during that part of the journey. It's a long flight (about 14 hrs) and they're going to be miserable I'm sure, as I'm I. I still would like any advice that's out there. Thanks, Sharon Hi Sharon, Again, thank you for visiting Pet Bucket List and inquiring into pet travels etc. While traveling cross country with your pets, I would recommend a couple of websites I have found useful if I am not familiar with the area. The first is - this is a great 'at a glance' resource which spells out pet policies for hotels across the country, plus lists daily rates as well as an interactive map for easy navigation. And best of all, it's very user friendly! The second website is which is equally as easy to use PLUS it lists pet friendly locations for not only hotels but cottages and cabins to campgrounds to B&B's.  All you need to do is select a starting and ending location and it lists all of the aforementioned along your route. Keeping in mind that some hotel chains will charge a nominal fee for a pet as well as weight restrictions. You may inquire into Motel 6's which don't appear to charge for pets. Along your journey I'm sure you will want to check into rest stops periodically, so check out to find rest stops in Texas complete with pictures and directions. Once out of Texas, may come in handy.  You can find rest stops along your route complete with info regarding each rest stop. This website details the location, directions, vending areas, PET AREAS, picnic tables, wifi etc. There is nothing left to the imagination with this website! You also mentioned flying overseas with your pets which certainly will not be easy on anyone involved, but there are some resources which may be helpful to you, even if it's simply to get questions answered. had some good information underneath the International Pet Travel drop down box. Simply choose the country of origin and it will list requirements for pet entry into the country. For example, you are traveling to Japan so requirements include micro chipping of both pets as well as two rabies vaccines and blood testing before entry is allowed. Also, if you need further information, has a comprehensive listing of airports with INSIDE relief areas for your pets. Also Friends of PFT (pet friendly travel), has some great tips while traveling with pets. If you can afford it, PetSafe, which is exclusive to United Airlines, will ship your pet for you inside a pressurized compartment AND has a 24 hour PetSafe desk so you can track your fur babies progress. You may also check Animal Airways, Pet Express - Animal Transport International Travel and Happy Tails Travel as well who help with import/export documentation and language barriers. I hope you have found some good information and resources to explore to hopefully aid in your cross country trek with your two fur kids. Please be safe and also fill out our questionnaire on hotels/ rest stops etc and other information you find helpful so others can benefit as well. Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

Cold Weather Apparel

Hi Friends, Well, cold weather is here so I thought I would share a couple of tips that my mom finds helpful when preparing me to go out into the cold.  The first would be to find the appropriate apparel for the weather.  There are so many different sweaters, jackets, booties, hoodies (yes, it's an up and coming doggie trend), dresses etc that are available but look for quality over cuteness.  Keep in mind that we are lower to the ground so it's colder down there and we need heavier materials to keep us warm.  Thick sweaters with tight knit would be preferred but still loose enough for us to be able to move and maneuver as needed.  I like a good turtleneck as much as the next girl, but ensure that we can turn our heads and it does not encumber our peripheral vision. Secondly, find clothing that is long enough for us.  There are several fashionable sweaters that my mom bought for me that are cute, but not necessarily long enough for me to be out in the elements as long as I would like.  I received a sweet sweater as a gift and it has everything I could possibly want while still being fashionable. The knit is tight so it keeps me warmer, the turtleneck is big but not binding and can be pulled down as far as I need it, the body is fitting and kind of 'hugs' my torso and the tail of the sweater has straps for my legs so it stays put and won't ride up.  Keep in mind that there are lots and lots of various articles of clothing that are suited for your climate from tutu's to down coats and booties for those who live in harsh winter area's. Stay safe out there. Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

See Ya, 2016!!!

🐶2017🐶, Here we come, ready or not!!!  I hope everyone had a great New Year intro and here's to a magnificent, successful, happy 2017!!! I have plenty of updates and pictures to add as soon as I can get my mom to be still for a minute!!! Your friend, Daisy … [Read more...]