The Labor Day Weekend Is Upon Us

Hi Friends,

Well, it’s finally here… Labor Day Weekend!!!  It’s an exciting time around our house with plans of road trips, visiting friends, and lots of outdoor activities.  If possible, I’m sure that my four legged friends would like to get out of the house and join you.  Take us on a drive, or a nice long walk, how about taking us to visit friends with you?  Trust me, we look so forward to getting out of the house and going places just as our humans do.  But remember, if we go with you please ensure that you remember water, snacks (for us, silly), leashes and frequent potty stops if it’s a long trip!

Notice our body language, you can tell by looking into our eyes and our posture if we are depressed.  Try injecting something new into our routine, you will be amazed at how much that will perk us up.

Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone.

Your Friend,