Itchy Allergies… MISERY

Hi Friends,

Well, it’s been a terribly itchy summer for me as I have seasonal allergies.  My mom has changed my food, changed cleaning supplies at our house, changed my shampoo and even taken me to the vet, but nothing seems to help, really.  I still scratch, chew and lick until I’ve chewed dark red spots on my feet or hips, just miserable.  Well, there is a medical term for incessant scratching called Pruritus, which basically means that there are two main factors why dogs itch.  One is a skin condition such as dry, oily or infected skin, and the second factor would be allergies.

My mom will sometimes crush up a little benadryl and mix it in with my food to help with my scratching.  If your parents are going to try this at home, tell them to be VERY CAREFUL with the dosages.  The typical dose is about 1mg per pound, keeping in mind that most store bought tablets are 25mg, which would suit a 25 lb dog.  Please only give us childrens benadryl chewable tablets which are easy to break in half and crush into our food.

I hope that this info has helped with your itchy situation so have a great day!!!

Your Friend,