National Dog Day

Hi Friends, It's National Dog Day, so happy day to all of my four legged dog friends!  Encourage your humans to celebrate this holiday with you by taking them on a walk, take them to sit on the patio at a really cool restaurant, take them for a car ride, how about ice cream?    It's a grand day for us and our humans so give them an extra lick on the nose when they get home from work.  Enjoy your day!! Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

Red Roof Inn – Ocoee, FL

Hi Friends, Some information was sent to me about a recent stay at the Red Roof Inn, Ocoee, FL.  If you are passing through the area, it doesn't look like this would be the ideal place to stay if traveling with us four legged babies.  Although this location is close to Disney, you may consider leaving us with a sitter if visiting Disney.  Doesn't look too pet friendly and not Bucket List worthy! City/State: Ocoee, FL Breed of Pet: Long haired dauschaund, cocker spaniel, mixed breed Name of Hotel/Motel/Establishment: Red Roof Inn What floor did you stay on: Have stayed on every floor. Was there easy access to outside: Easy access to two sets of stairs. One elevator. Was their an adequate water supply while outside: No water outside. Was there an enclosed pet area If yes, please elaborate: No enclosed pet area. Were you close to a busy intersection: No Was the staff friendly and welcoming: Staff ignores pets. Was it noisy inside your room. You know, could you hear the dog next door fart: It's noisier than other places stayed but not too loud. Did you fit comfortably in the room with your human: The room is spacious. Were the beds too high for you (talkin' pets here) to jump on: Beds are easy to jump on. Were pet stairs offered: Not necessary. Pets are discouraged from being on the bed. Were the grounds maintained for your comfort (still talkin' pets here): Grounds are maintained. Was the grass mown (there's nothing worse than getting grass in my eyes): Yes. There's a large area for pets. Was the area free of debris (sticks and stuff)/trash: Yes. Was there a pool and were you allowed in (lucky dog...pun intended): There's a pool but pets aren't allowed. WAS IT BUCKET LIST WORTHY: This is our hotel to see our grandparents and is close to Disney world. Please feel free to elaborate and add ideas on what could have been offered to make your (pet's) experience more enjoyable.: Please feel free to elaborate and add ideas on what could have been offered to make your (pet's) experience more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing with us so we can share with others. Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

Bass Pro – Little Rock, AR

Hi Friends, This is our new friend, Oak.  Did you know that Bass Pro Shops allow us to bring our humans to shop?  Yep, they sure do and that is where Oak and I met.  Oak's human was very nice to let us take his picture to share on our website in case you didn't realize that Bass Pro is Pet Friendly!  So, the next time you are planning a trip to a Bass Pro store just remember that we would love to go with you.  After all, we love new experiences too! Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]