Grubbs Bar & Grille – Fayetteville, AR

Hi Friends, If you are ever traveling through Fayetteville, AR then consider stopping in at Grubbs on Dickson St.  It's pet friendly, has plenty of shade and great food to boot.  Read below for more info: City/State:Fayetteville, ARBreed of Pet:RetrieverName of establishment:Grubbs Bar & GrilleType of establishment:RestaurantDid you dine inside or outside:outsideWas there an option:noDid the staff acknowledge you my furry friend:yesDid they interact with/pet you:yesDid they automatically bring water to your table:yes - nice touchWas the area spacious enough for you to move around:yesWas it crowded:alwaysWas it loud:yes but it didn't bother my dogWas their adequate shade:yes - shaded on the patioWas it close to a busy street:yesWhat did/didn't you like about your( pet friends) experience:Brought a bowl of water to the table and kept it filledIS IT BUCKET LIST WORTHY:yes Stay tuned for more! Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

Bow Wow & Meow – Maumelle, Ark

Hi Friends, So, I took my mom to an amazing place called Bow Wow & Meow, I mean, how cute is that?  It's a really great place for us furry ones to visit if we ever need ANYTHING, they have it all and best part, we can take our humans inside... don't have to leave them in the car!  Bow Wow has a huge selection of different foods that my mom has never even seen like Kangaroo, for instance.   Mom also saw Elk and Buffalo Bites while we were there but they also have collars and leashes, clothes, dry and wet foods, freeze dried food (I think it's yucky) and they also have a little freezer with milk in it.  There are toys, shampoos and conditioners and even t-shirts for our humans. Lest we forget that there are all sorts of treats and goodies for the feline population too.  There is so much to see but don't pass up the deli in the back of the store because they make fresh treats each day and also decorate them!! I had fun running around the store visiting with the owner April, she's really nice.  She has water bowls at the front door for us in case we get thirsty, she always offers treats and she usually takes pictures to post on her facebook page.  My mom likes the fact that if Miss April doesn't have something in stock then she will order it for you and she's pretty darn knowledgeable if you have any questions. Here are a few pics from our adventure to Bow Wow & Meow...       If you're ever in the Maumelle are then I strongly suggest that you take your humans to this store, it is PET BUCKET LIST worthy! Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]