Beware Hot Asphalt

Hi Friends, As you know it's about a trillion degrees outside right now, but we still want to go out.  You see, we know it's hot but we don't know what the heat can do to our little paw pads.  That's where you come in! My mom has been doing some research because she's noticed me sidestepping a time or two on the hot asphalt.  She didn't realize quite how hot the asphalt was in relation to the outside air temp.  Here are a few tips that she has picked up that just may save your paw pads from excruciating pain in the summer heat: If your human is unsure about the asphalt temp then a good rule of thumb is to have them place the back of their hand on the asphalt for 10 -15 seconds.  If they can hold it without removing, then it should be ok for us. If still uncertain, walk us in the grass.  I'm sure it would be cooler on your human as well, walking in the grass, because the heat that is produced from the asphalt is hot for them as well. Moisturize our paw pads with specialized creams, made just to protect our pads.  This small investment can alleviate cracking, bleeding, burning and itching.  I guess this would be the equivalent to the soles of our humans feet.  I hear that they get itchy and rough too! Paw Wax, not to be confused with paw moisturizer, can be a great way to protect our feet/pads from hot surfaces.  The wax is very thick therefore creating a nice barrier between our pads and the pavement.  Also, VERY IMPORTANT... for those larger friends of mine who ride in the back of pick-up trucks... steel gets VERY hot while sitting in the sun.  Your human should do the old hand-to-the-truck-bed test first to see if it's safe for you to ride back there. Dog shoes... not sure how I feel about these, really.  Ok, that's not fair.  I say that because mom put a pair of shoes on me once and it was not a fun experience.  However, if shoes are what it will take to protect your pads from burning off on the pavement then I say 'Slap those sucker's on.' The Journal of American Medical Association released an article about air temps vs asphalt temps that was quite interesting!  I was shocked to discover, ok... I can't read so my mom told me these statistics: Air Temp in relation to Asphalt Temp 77                                125 86                               135 87                               143 Well friends, I hope this information helps while running errands or taking a walk with your humans.  It's important to just use common sense, if we flinch then there is something wrong with the situation!   Have a happy and SAFE summer! Your Friend, Daisy … [Read more...]

Hilton Hotel – Charlotte, NC

Hi Friends, Here is some info from our new friends in Charlotte, NC about a recent experience at a Hilton Hotel.  Looks like you may have a comfortable stay if passing through Charlotte and needing a room for the night. City/State: Charlotte , NC Breed of Pet: lab Name of Hotel/Motel/Establishment: Hilton What floor did you stay on: 4 Was there easy access to outside: yes Was their an adequate water supply while outside: no Was there an enclosed pet area If yes, please elaborate: no Were you close to a busy intersection: yes Was the staff friendly and welcoming: yes Was it noisy inside your room. You know, could you hear the dog next door fart: no Did you fit comfortably in the room with your human: yes Were the beds too high for you (talkin' pets here) to jump on: no Were pet stairs offered: no Were the grounds maintained for your comfort (still talkin' pets here): yes Was the grass mown (there's nothing worse than getting grass in my eyes): yes Was the area free of debris (sticks and stuff)/trash: somewhat Was there a pool and were you allowed in (lucky dog...pun intended): no WAS IT BUCKET LIST WORTHY: yes Please feel free to elaborate and add ideas on what could have been offered to make your (pet's) experience more enjoyable.: … [Read more...]

Tenders Restaurant – Huntsville, NC

Hi Friends, Here is a questionnaire that was filled out by our friends in Huntersville, NC.  Although Tenders Restaurant may have some good eats, it may not be Bucket List Worthy.  You may want to tell your humans to visit Tenders without you.  Thanks for the heads-up friends!   City/State: Huntersville,NC Breed of Pet: lab Name of establishment: Tenders Type of establishment: fast food Did you dine inside or outside: Outside Was there an option: no Did the staff acknowledge you my furry friend: yes Did they interact with/pet you: yes Did they automatically bring water to your table: no Was the area spacious enough for you to move around: no Was it crowded: yes Was it loud: yes Was their adequate shade: no Was it close to a busy street: yes What did/didn't you like about your( pet friends) experience: na IS IT BUCKET LIST WORTHY: no   … [Read more...]