Ugh… Flea Season

Hi Friends, Well, it's here... flea season.  Wouldn't you know, I'm allergic to fleas!  Yes, allergic to fleas!  My mom didn't know this until recently so she's been taking me to get allergy shots, which didn't work well.  She noticed that even after my allergy shot that I still sniffled and wheezed so she thought maybe I had developed a food allergy.  So, she's bought all this expensive food (which I've hated... all of it), which she's just had to throw away.  Yucky organic, healthy stuff. Anyway, after a long process of elimination, she's discovered my flea allergy.  So now, I get an allergy shot and a flea pill and I'm good to go.  If you suffer the same symptoms then maybe your human should ask your vet about the flea allergy thing, it just may help. Have a great day, friends!   … [Read more...]