Hi Friends!

I don't know where you live but I know that it's been raining for days and days at my house so I haven't been able to go outside much. You know what that means, right? It means that my brother has been torturing me because he's been cooped up as well. Remember, he's the massive Maine Coon cat who outweighs me by twenty-something pounds? Yea, his idea of playing is stampeding through the house, tackling me and running away before my mom swats him. She banishes him to the screened- in porch when he starts acting bratty! Anyway, it cleared up for a little bit today so she took me to one of my favorite places, the Big Dam Bridge! If you're not familiar with this place then you should have your parents check it out. It spans the Arkansas River from the Little Rock side to the North Little Rock side and yes, the bridge is built over the Murray Lock and Dam! I believe that it's close to 3/4 of a mile from one side to the other so it's good exercise for me. Here are the good points of going to the BDB: It's a pretty place to go because you can see forever when you get to the top There are lots and lots of other fur friends who go walking there You can run across the bridge if you want to There are trails on either side that I can walk on for miles in both directions There is even a water fountain for me ( literally, on the ground... my size) on the Little Rock side of the bridge just across from the parking lot and another down the trail by Murray Park (again, it's on the ground). Also, it's a really nice walk from the BDB to Two Rivers Park, which is also a favorite, but more on that at a later date. There are lots of places to stop and hang out along the trails so it's enjoyable if you are just milling around. There is usually a nice breeze at the top of the bridge so it's a good place to stop and cool off it's not too hot that day.   Now, for the downsides: It's usually packed with lots of people, fur friends and LOTS of bicycles so it's important to stay on a short leash. There are no water fountains on the North Little Rock side so you will need to have your parents take water for you. In fact, the only water fountains are the two on the Little Rock side, and there are several trails that shoot off in all directions, so water is essential. Also, some of your parents don't pick up your poo so sometimes there are lots of landmines on the bridges and trails, but there are poo bags available at the base of the bridge on both sides. Also, when it gets really hot this summer, be aware that there is not a lot of shade, especially on the Little Rock side and going to Two Rivers Park. The asphalt/concrete gets really hot on our feet and there is NO shade on the bridge. The bridge is pretty narrow, only 14' wide, so that's only 7' on either side to walk on with all of the other 'traffic.' Sometimes it gets pretty crowded. Overall, I like going there and my mom has fun as well. It's got good energy and everyone is pretty nice and courteous. Check it out and get back with me. Let me know how your experience was and send me a pic or two! Your friend, Daisy … [Read more...]