Daisy's Story

Hi, my name is Daisy and this is my website. Well, not really mine, it's a website for all pet owners who want their pets to experience new adventures and bucket lists of their own. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I came to create Pet Bucket List!

I came to live with my mom in 2014 after she rescued me from the animal shelter. She soon realized that I loved nothing more than being outside, exploring. There isn’t a rock, leaf or blade of grass in our yard that I haven’t investigated. In fact, I quickly became bored with our yard and would wait at the door for my mom when I saw her grab her car keys. Most days she was going to work so I would have to stay behind with the promise that she whispered into my ear as she kissed me goodbye… ‘we will go exploring when I get home from work, Baby Girl. I promise.’ So, in keeping her promise, she began taking me to the park, which lead to bigger adventures, bigger vacations, and lots of happy memories for us both. You see, just because we don’t have audible voices doesn’t mean that we don’t look forward to new adventures and places. Watch our tails wag… we’re happy!

My mom believes that we four legged babies get bored too. That we need experiences, adventures and memories also. So that, my new friend, is the reason for my website. So that I can share my Bucket List adventures with you and vice versa.

I'll share my experiences on hotels, restaurants, dog parks, hiking trails etc. and you can share yours. That way, we can let all pet parents know where (and where not) to take us. It will be fun, I promise. Oh, there's a blog where you can share your stories and there is even a questionnaire you can fill out if you want. My mom will compile them to make it easier for you to pick out the good places to go.

Oh yea, feel free to post pics from your bucket lists as well and thanks for stopping by.